Christmas Shopping

So I had planned to write up my current statement as an artist, discussing all of the themes that I am currently interested in. But I’ve been meeting so many wonderful artists, or finding new and amazing artists through Pinterest that I wanted to feature them. I’ve come across so many great artists that this will not be an exhaustive list, and I may have to do future posts. So this year give the gift of art to the ones you love, its something they can cherish and you can feel good about supporting the arts.


Rebecca Chaperon:  Pinterest:

She is a Canadian artist that I happened to find on Pinterest. I love her work especially her series Great Black Fire, and wish I had money to by her Eerie Dearies book.


Mary Tapogna:

Portland artist Mary Tapogna does wonderful mosaics, which can be bought through her website or at several shops around Portland.


Rebecca Artemisa:

I love her work so much that it is almost impossible for me to describe. It’s wistful, sweet, and dark all in the same moment, its reminiscent of folk art and Surrealism.


Cherri Wood:

Lovely dark story telling at its best! Hidden faces that add a touch of horror and mystery.  Each piece leaves you wanting to know more, and seem to invite you to finish the story in your own mind.  I met her while working at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.


David E Stein:

I’m a sucker for art that tells a story or invites the viewer to create their own.  His surreal landscapes and disfigured characters seem to share similarities with the work of Hieronymus Bosch and Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland.


Daniel Haile:

I met Daniel volunteering at the Museum of Contemporary Craft here in Portland. Not only is he a really nice guy but his work is incredible, its poignant and well crafted.