Psychopathic Wolf

The act of deception in Little Red Riding Hood is intriguing due to its lack of necessity. Why would the wolf not just eat her up and be it done with? That is the stuff of nightmares, a trusted loved one, in a comforting situation turning out to be a dangerous psychopath. I am assuming that Little Red Riding Hood had spent quit a bit of time at her Grandmother’s house over the years; it would be a feeling of safety that is betrayed. The fact that the wolf wants to eat Little Red Riding Hood is not what is disturbing, it is a wolf after all. What is disturbing is that the wolf puts on Grandma’s clothing. As soon as he does that he becomes a psychotic serial killer, joining the likes of Norman Bates, Buffalo Bill, Leather Face, or Hannibal Lector. The repetition or ritual of the dialog between the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood gives even more credence to this fact that the wolf is psychotic. He could have just eaten her in the forest, or as soon as she walked into Grandma’s house if he had wanted to eat the grandmother as well. Instead, he dresses in Grandmas clothing, has Little Red Riding Hood eat her own grandmother, then has her get into bed with him, all before planning to eat her.   These are the actions of a psychopath.