Horror fix

Something I hear often from people who meet me after seeing my art is, “But you’re so nice…”  I’m never quite sure what they’re expecting from me, probably that I wear all black and look sort of Goth.  I can understand how they might come to this conclusion, and though I have suffered from depression since puberty, I feel that I present myself as somewhat normal and nondescript.  A friend of mine told me the other day that that is one of the things that she likes about me the most, that I’m so sweet, but yet can talk about some of the weirdest, most morbid things.  I have to say I don’t know where my morbid sense comes from but it’s something that I can remember having since I was a kid.  I was a pretty scared and sensitive little kid who had to sleep with the closet light on, but at the same time I could not keep away from all things terrifying.  My mom, it seems, tried her hardest to keep scary things away from me, it was probably quite annoying that I would have nightmares and be unable to sleep, I really don’t blame her.  I always seemed to find things that were appropriately terrifying which I would promptly become obsessed with.  Some of these are below, great, late Halloween presents for the favorite child in your life.


Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery by Deborah Howe, Alan Daniel

Who doesn’t love a story about a Vampire Rabbit that sucks the color and nutrients out of vegetables with his sharp pointy teeth?  This may not sound that scary but when you’re a child and trying to get your horror fix without your mom knowing, you do what you have to.


It’s Halloween by Jack Prelutsky (Author), Marylin Hafner (Illustrator)

A book of poems and stories of the easy reader variety, the one I remember the best is the first one.  It featured a love story about a girl who wears a green ribbon around her neck.  She is very sick/dying at the end and her boyfriend asks why she wears the ribbon, she then asks him to remove it and her head falls off.  Now tell me that is not terrifying…


Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark by Alvin Schwartz (Oct 1989)

If you have never seen this set of three books, then you need to go buy them right now!  Even as an adult these books are awesome.  Even if you don’t actually read the stories, the pictures are amazing.


Walt Disney Presents the Haunted Mansion (A Disneyland Record and Book)

This book and accompanying 45 record is awesome!  I loved mine so much that I wore it down to shreds. I actually only have one page left, which features the ghostly bride, “A thumping sound attracted my attention.  It came from the unfinished attic.  There in the darkened room stood a ghostly bride.  Her heart glowed red with each beat.”  So if anyone out there would like to get me the best Christmas present ever they are about $50 on Ebay…


Night on Bald Mountain sequence, Fantasia, Disney

Not sure if I even have to say anything about this one, just watch the video on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMmfaaiWMEs


Some scary art for your viewing pleasure…


Sisters, 2013, Annie Aube, http://www.annieaube.com




Dear Art Connoisseur,

Welcome to my new blog, this might start off a little bit rough, but hopefully it’ll get better as I go along.  I have some issues with dyslexia so please be patient with spelling errors, I’ll try and catch as many as possible but I can’t guarantee anything.  So this blog is mostly just a space for me to talk about the inspiration for my work and about why I do the work that I do.  Often before starting on a project I do a bunch of research which helps me make the design choices that I do.  Occasionally I find a story, poem, or image that is just so inspiring that I just make things.  But this blog is mostly to track the prior occasions, so if you appreciate my work alone, without explanation this is not the blog for you.  I will try and post process photos sometimes and discuss the process of embroidery.  And Sometimes I will rant about my crazy art theories…

So let’s try and enjoy the ride



Blue Beards Carnage, 2010, Annie Aube, Hand Embroidery on Linen