The Evil Stepsisters

Cinderella is an interesting story because of the role of the evil Stepsisters and the punishment that they are forced to endure in the Brothers Grimm version. The magnitude of that punishment is what makes the story so compelling, it begins with the self-mutilation of their feet, and ends with blindness. The punishment they receive is out of proportion with their sins of greed and jealousy. They want to be well taken care of and to live the sort of lifestyle most people only dream of, and for trying to fulfill that desire they are doomed to begging for the rest of their lives. The facelessness of Cinderella herself is also an important part of the story; she is defined by the characters around her and has no power of her own. The women in Cinderella fit two categories, the action orientated sinner, or the passive saint. In much of the Brothers Grimm, taking action, and speaking one’s mind is associated with evil women and punishment. On the other hand, passivity is almost always rewarded with a fortuitous marriage at the end; at times with an extreme amount of suffering on the way to this end.


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Based on Grimm's Cinderella

Based on Grimm’s Cinderella

Based on Grimm’s Cinderella


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