If you are looking for me

I’m to wiped out this week to do a proper blog post, between the end of the quarter and officiating the wedding of a friend of mine, and just exhausted.  So I thought I would just post some photos of work, and let you know where I can be found on the interwebs…I feel like I’m on here all the time which is almost true…any ways here it goes.

Etsy: I’ve never had much luck with Etsy but I like the community. It seems like my stuff always sells better in a gallery setting.


Tumblr: This is a new experience so we’ll see how it goes, it seems pretty simple and straight forward.


Facebook: I’m a fan of this format, the only problem I have is how they seem to control who sees the things you post.


Pinterest: I was totally addicted at first, it’s still enjoyable but I think I can get image overload pretty easy.


Person Website: Every artist needs to have one.


So if you can’t find me there is no excuse 🙂

If anyone has opinions about Instagram, Blogspot, Google + or any other favorite social media platforms I would love to hear about them. As exhausting as it is, I’m always looking to get my work out there into the world. The only one I currently refuse to pursue is Twitter, but I’m even willing to check that out if your argument is sound. And here as promised is some art.

Based on Grimm's Cinderella

Based on Grimm’s Cinderella, www.annieaube.com


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